• I am Cario! The Clone of Mario! The one who can put anyone threw living hell!~Cario
This is Cario the Clone of Mario as he says, He was made by Bowser before the Mario & Luigi series took place, tho Bowser failed at making Cario complete so Cario is a cyborg.

This is what Cario Looks like.

Name: Cario's name comes from what he is a Clone Mario. Though in real terms his name comes from his creator's name Christopher and what he's based off of Mario.

Personality: Cario has a mixed personality, he can be quite nice and kind at times but usually he acts annoying, like a jerk, random, crazy, stupid, and ect. Though Cario is also a romantic, meaning sometimes he gets his way with girls, but I REALLY don't want to go into detail about it since it can get weird quite fast.

Appearance: Cario has changed threw most of the years, when he was first made he had a blue cap and a blue shirt with white overalls, black hair, and no mustache. (This was changed for him not to look like SMG4.) He later got a mustache and had basically the Ice Mario coloring but with white overalls. Then he had a grayish blue cap and shirt but everything else was the same until 2014 was almost over. Now he has a grayish blue cap and shirt, light gray overalls, a sharp C on his cap, and black hair that sticks out from under his cap since his hair is messy.

Weapons: For weapons Cario uses his trusty metal hammer that secretly has a button which makes curved blades pop out of the hammer. Cario also has secret blades under his shoes which he can make pop out at people by a quick flick of the ankle. Cario also has tons of power-ups he has in his secret inventory that he can use at will, at times you can catch Cario about to use an item or he'll just use it even tho he didn't even take it out. Cario can even combine power-ups like the Bullet Bill suit and the Hammer Bro. Suit. Cario also has The Dark Star but a clone of it that he made since the real one was destroyed, he can call out the Dark Star to do certain attacks or to go on missions or to help him, he can also make the Dark Star turn into the Dark Saber. The Dark Saber can do quick slashes, allows flight for a short time, can make a star edge shield appear, do an attack called dark wave, and can push back opponents with a red flash.
Cario Using Hammer on Mario

Cario Using Hammer on Mario.

Items: Cario can use almost any power-up from any place, land, world, universe, or dimension. Cario has a warp whistle, but not the type from Super Mario Bros 3. This warp whistle is shaped like a warp pipe and can teleport him to ALMOST any place along with 5 or 4 people with or without him, and can only teleport small objects. He also though has the warp whistle counterpart the dark warp whistle which can teleport him anywhere along with alot of people and objects, and it's strong enough to teleport to dimensional universes and even teleport a dimension somewhere else. (Thankfully Cario doesn't know how to teleport dimensions places.)

Abilities: Cario's abilities are off of three things, Mario.... Being a Cyborg..... and Shadows. For the Mario parts he can use ALL (Except Mario's fire ability) of Mario's moves. For being a cyborg he is a bit stronger then Mario and can run at the same speed as Sonic. His left eye which is robotic can act as a scanner which.. scans things. He can scan for items, weaknesses, enemies, and allies.Not only that but his robotic arm can turn into a shield for him and his robotic arm is also stronger then his regular one. The buttons can even shoot red lazer beams, and Here are his shadow abilities.

Tele/Shadow-Porting: Cario can teleport almost anywhere with this ability but with shadow-porting Cario can teleport into people's shadows giving him a way to sneak by people without being seen or doing a sneak attack, shadow-porting can also go farther then teleporting at least for Cario.

Copying: Cario has somewhat of a copying ability. He can create Shadow Clones that can help Cario in battle and by using shadow-port Cario can take anyone's shadow away lowering they're stats and basically turning Cario into a shadow version of that person letting him use they're abilities (Tho he has to see what they can do first for it to work) and even they're stats.

Beams: Cario has many types of beams which are.

Shadow Shot: A thin fast beam that does piercing damage. This beam does about 20 damage but because of the pierce factor it does 30.

Shadow Beam(Charge 1): A beam that can pass threw walls and things.

Shadow Beam(Charge 2): A very strong beam.

Shadow Beam(Charge 3): Most powerful Shadow Beam and Cario can't over charge it.

Shadow Flare: This beam does ALOT of damage and can be a 1 hit K.O. to weak or slightly weak people.

Balls: Cario also has alot of ball attacks like.

Shadow Bolt: Just a bolt of shadows that does 1 damage.

Shadow Ball: A ball of shadows of course.

Shadow Blast: This attack is a mind attack but counts as a ball attack, It blows up the target in question.

Shadow Sphere: This is shadow ball and shadow blast combined but the explosion is bigger and it does more damage.

Other: These are his other shadow abilities.

Shadow Wave: He creates a circle around him and then fires it sending a shadow shockwave threw the sky.

Sense: Cario can sense other shadow users or worlders near by, Cario never uses this though since he never really needs to use it.

Shadow Pulse: It is basically Shadow Sphere but it appears around the user and then explodes. It's basically a chargeable version of Chaos Blast. (Cario has forgotten this move for now.)

Shadow PulseV.2: This Shadow Pulse is different. He sends electrical shadows threw the opponent's body damaging them threw out the fight. *This can also stun people, or fully electrocute the opponent. (Cario doesn't know this move for now.)

Shadow: Cario can turn into a shadow by using Shadow-Port yet making sure not to teleport anywhere making him still visible. This allows Cario to pass threw objects and even punch ghosts. (Cario doesn't know how to do this move for now.)

Miscellaneous: He has a bond with other Carios and family members allowing him to talk in they're minds. Cario also breaks the 4th wall alot and could use it in battle but he most likely won't... maybe. Also sometimes Cario's eye color will change due on how he's feeling. Ice Blue + Sparkling = Being kinda sneaky' while blushing. (The sparkles are basically his blush. Ice Blue = Him being slightly sneaky. Blue = Is his normal eye color. Shadowy Blue/Dark Blue = He is very mad or upset. Shadowy Red/Blood Red = He is in a great rage and might attack anyone due to this.

Weaknesses: Here are the weaknesses of Cario.

Stupidity: Cario sometimes acts stupid and even though this isn't really a weakness and can make his opponent leave or loose. His stupidity can sometimes cost Cario his life.

Cap: Cario's cap has a secret stash of Hyper 1-ups and help Cario survive the cold and heat, and even take blows better. So take it off and Cario will be quite weak.

His Self: Cario used to get alot of suicidal thoughts and even tried to do them. Cario now will rarely get these thoughts.

Light: Due to Cario's Shadow element Cario has a slight weakness to the Light element, though he doesn't show he's hurt with it though.

Electricity: Since Cario is a cyborg the Electric/Lightning element can effect him badly, his robotic parts can short circuit leaving him vulnerable to more attacks.


Forms: This is a list of forms Cario has.

Cyborg: When getting damaged alot he will look like what he really is. A cyborg Mario. In this state all stats go up a tiny bit, his scanner upgrades into a lazier, and is robotic arm can turn into a shield.

Mr.C: Like Luigi, Cario has a Mr. form. This form is activated when he gets hit on a certain part of the head making Mr.C active. Mr.C is purely a good guy and likes talking to himself alot when patrolling the night, Mr.C is quick and agile, quick to the mark, ready for anything inside the moon light, ready to protect the Mushroom Kingdom from anything, and Mr.C's line is this. Have at you! My name is Mr.C, A.K.A. The Shadowed Hammer!~Mr.C

Cartoon Cario: Using a power-up Cario can become like the mask though even tho this just counts as a power-up it can randomly make Cario forget about everyone leaving to awkward and silly moments. If you want to know what powers Cario has in this form well he's cartoonish I'll say that.

Wereraccoon Cario: Sometimes Cario will turn into a wereraccoon and if his eyes are fully yellow, that means he lost all control.

Cariznic: Cario and Zonic can combine into one combing they're stats elements and abilities.(This form can also combine with the other forms.

Dark Controlled Cario: If Dark Phantom posses Cario he will turn into this and will gain all Dark Star attacks but he won't be in his own mind.

Dark Star Cario: If Cario combines with the Dark Star he can turn into Dark Star Cario being able to use the Dark Star's attacks and some new ones like Dark Spear and ect.

Demonic Star Cario: Basically a demonic version of the Dark Star Cario form but it only activates with alot of rage.

Dark Star Cario X: A more powerful version of Dark Star Cario but with upgraded attacks and some new ones.

Quick Star Cario: A weak version of the Super Star form. Cario can go light speed in this form but his defense is lowered quite alot so it's like he's not even wearing his cap.

Super Star Cario: Second most powerful form Cario has. In this form Cario can fly really fast can do all sort of rainbow and star attacks as well as make clones of him that are each one color of the rainbow.

Hypermatic Cario: This is Cario's most powerful form. It can break logic and unlogic, time and space, basically everything. This form appears when Cario dies in the Super Star Form, Though this form comes at a price. When the form is done, Cario will get vaporized and sent to The Grave. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Relationships: Here are all the relationships Cario has with characters.


Mario: They kinda have a hate and friend relationship. Since both of them want to kill the other or they want to work together.

Peach: Cario doesn't fully care for Peach even tho he tries to kill her alot yet fails. Though one time due to a bet, Cario got A Peach (There are other versions.) to fall in love with him.

Bowser: Cario hates Bowser and Bowser hates Cario because he made him yet he didn't want to follow his orders. Also Cario is mad at Bowser for forgetting to add the fire power.

Zelda: Cario use to go to Zelda's castle and well be himself which ether made her move somewhere or just get annoyed with him.

Ghost's Characters-

Ghost: He thinks he's just some random person that's around while Cario thinks nothing of Ghost.

Darce: She likes to have Cario around as a close friend, and Cario feels the same way but likes her a bit more then just a friend.

Sirby: Sirby likes Cario but seems to like Zero a bit more. Cario doesn't really care for her tho.

Foreen: Says Cario is just someone who's causing him trouble. Cario doesn't care for Foreen much eather.

Foust: Thinks Cario is a good person unless Cario is setting things on fire. Cario doesn't mind Foust.

Abost: He's Boo-reat! as he said. Not to keen on Cario's side tho.

Dace: Can slightly count Cario as a father-figure. Cario likes Dace as well and is happy to play with him.

Connor's Characters-

Connor: It's basically at times he hates Cario and some other times he doesn't. Cario just be's what he is.

Sy: Thinks Cario is one of the most helpful heroes, yet with a very bad mental disorder. Cario likes Sy and tries to help him if possible. That and Cario feels like he needs to make up for it since he hurt Sy badly because Cario at that moment was crazy.

Dark Sy: Finds Cario to be a bothersome, mindless, and really annoying person for no noticeable reason. Though Dark Sy does see how Cario can be useful in some ways. Cario likes Dark Sy but only because of his personality.

Shayla: Thinks he's nice though a bit overboard on jokes and such but nice none the less. Cario likes to be nice to her from the problems she has and likes to help if he can.

Shade: Says that Cario is a bit out of out of control, but does it well. Cario gets along with Shade very well since they are sorta the same yet different and in that case... make sure they don't work together or something might be set on fire!

Cario and Shade

Cario and Shade

Dinic: Finds Cario to be insane and similar to him, he likes the chaos Cario can cause. Cario likes Dinic to because of these reasons.

Dark Frozolt: Finds Cario being a useful ally once someone convinces him to do anything. Though Cario seems to act like how he does sometimes. Cario kinda likes Dark Frozolt and knows not to FULLY mess with him. (Though of course he still will.)

Mrco's Characters-

Mrco: Says Cario is a nice guy but can be a douche at times as well as overly insane. Cario doesn't care for Mrco much.

Delia: Thinks he's a nice guy even if he's a bit crazy. She even finds Cario funny and even laughs sometimes, and really likes being with him unless he's annoying her. Cario has a slight crush on her but doesn't fully care for her much now.